You may recognise some of your experience here and how heavy it can feel with conflicting advice and self-blame. I am a Chartered Psychologist, specialising in Psychotherapy, with 17 years post training experience of providing psychological therapies for psychological, mental health, and life issues and adversities.

This may be your first time seeking the help, therapy, counselling, or professional psychological input. You may not know what form of that you are seeking, only that you need relief, answers, or an end to self-blame, racing thoughts, self-defeating behaviour, unfulfilling relational patterns, living a life you only feel obliged to live, despair or feeling alone with it all.

You may be grieving, desperately trying to move past traumatic experiences, lacking meaning in life, mentally unwell, coming to terms with a diagnosis, or you may only know at this point that things need to be different. That they just can’t continue as they are. You may need to realise that your feelings are understandable considering what you’ve experienced and understand how you’ve been meeting these experiences.

I believe in meeting you where you’re at, to understand together how issues manifest in you; as emotional turmoil, maladaptive behaviour, mood variations, thought distortions, dissociations, mental health diagnosis, and clinical manifestations. I combine psychological theory with counselling schools of thought to offer an integrative approach to therapy, tailored to individual needs and circumstances, to understand these manifestations, and most importantly to facilitate what change and wellness means to you.

The decision to reach out for psychological therapy is an important one. It takes courage to consider this. It’s also an investment of your hope, which I take very seriously. You must have a sense that you’ll be met by a person with professionalism, knowledge, skill, commitment, integrity, and consistency in what they do. I welcome inquiries either by email or talking on the phone, if you feel any further clarification may help bring you closer to finding the therapy that is a fit for you.

“When we cannot find a way of telling our story, our story tells us. We dream these stories, we develop symptoms, or we find ourselves acting in ways we don’t understand” ~ Stephan Grosz