Initial Contact

Please contact me by phone or email. Both inboxes are secure and strictly accessible by me only. I’m aware that making and attending the initial appointment for psychological therapy can feel like a huge challenge.  I welcome any contact either by email or talking on the phone that can bridge the gap to attending that first appointment. 


My Practice room is situated in a quiet and private corridor at 10 York Place on the second floor, which isn’t serviced by a lift. Access is gained by intercom, details of which I’ll share when setting up the first appointment.

I encourage attendance in person as I experience this to benefit how I work. I facilitate online sessions, if necessary, where an existing therapeutic alliance has been established in person or as an initial bridge to regularly attending in person.

There is on street parking in the surrounding streets and my premises can be accessed by bus number 7, 14 and is within walking distance to Waverley station.
Please see map below to plan your arrival. 

Initial Session 

The initial session is a chance for both of us to hear your sense of your present difficulties, impact on your life, what may be precipitating and maintaining factors, and what your hopes and expectations are.  I will ask you some clarifying questions and get a brief history of any relevant past medical, psychological, and psychiatric experiences. The most important aspect of the initial session is to explore what change may look like for you and if we can work together to begin that process. We will talk about what that may look like in terms of an initial very brief formulation, and what to expect in terms of the type of process length. 

Working Together

If we decide to work together, we’ll firstly agree a time and frequency to meet and the fee to be paid for each session. I’ll then outline these and aspects of Clinical Governance in a contract for you to read over and agree to. Clinical Governance is a term used to describe professional safeguards that I put in place to protect both of us in undertaking this work together. They include confidentiality, indemnity insurance I hold, how I protect your data, and professional procedures to optimise the standard of intervention I offer. 

 You are free to end the therapy at any point. However, under my ethical commitments, I will work hard to bring about an ending that feels safe both relationally and in terms of consolidating the work already done in a way that is most beneficial to you. This also is applicable if at any point I have concerns about my own fitness to practice for any reason and need to end our work together. 


 All information shared in session is held in strict confidence and remains in session apart from as justified by law and/or if I deem that there is a serious risk of harm to self or others which includes children. Any likelihood of these exceptions being considered will be discussed if there is any opportunity to do so.


Sessions last for 50 minutes, a fee for which will agreed at the initial meeting, and subject to annual review. The current rate is 90 pounds per session. At any one time I allocate a limited number of concessionary spaces for unwaged/low wage clients. Fees are reviewed annually and any proposed changes will be communicated at least three months in advance. Payment will be invoiced for at the end of each month, unless otherwise arranged, with payment due within 7 days by bank transfer.

Data Protection

I hold the most limited identifiable contact information on a password protected computer storage device which is held separate from anonymised clinical notes which are stored securely in a locked filing cabinet for which I am the only key holder. All information is kept for 7 years following the final therapy session and then securely destroyed. Information I keep is controlled and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation Act (2018).

 Clinical Supervision

I attend regular Clinical Supervision which is a requirement of both the professional bodies to which I belong. Clinical supervision is a process whereby I attend sessions to speak about my work with a similar professional. It is not only best practice but facilitates and supports me in optimising the standard of therapy I can provide. No identifying features of clients are disclosed in supervision sessions and the Clinical Supervisor holds the same confidentiality standards as outlined above. 

“And at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” ∼ TS Eliot